Sanoviv Dental | Affordable Dentist in Tijuana & Rosarito Mexico
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Dentist in Tijuana/Rosarito Mexico

Sanoviv offers world-class, exceptional dental care at competitive low-cost pricing in a five-star medical facility like no other in the world. We use both Traditional & Biological Dentistry, creating a bridge between these two concepts to bring maximum oral health, while protecting the overall health of your body. Our dental professionals are highly skilled, competent and experienced. English-speaking dentists also specialize in dental implants, oral surgery, reconstruction, and rehabilitation services.

We recognize that dental care is a very personal experience. Our caring staff take the time required to do a complete oral health assessment, then discuss all of your options. You’ll receive written results and information to help you make a well-informed decision for the best dental procedures to meet your specific needs. State-of-the-art dental equipment and dental laboratory services allow our professional staff members to give you the best possible experience and high quality results. Our goal is to give you back that beautiful and healthy smile of yours.

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Why Choose Denstistry at Sanoviv

Affordable Services

Rising dental costs in most parts of the world have made quality dental care less and less affordable. But, at Sanoviv, you’ll find that our treatment programs are high quality yet, very affordable. In many cases, our prices are less than half of what you would pay at home. How can we do this? First, our location in Mexico helps keep costs down. Second, our partnership with a successful treatment hospital helps us to share costs and pass the savings on to you. With all of this is mind, you won’t find a better value anywhere than Sanoviv Dental.

Quality Care

Don’t let our affordable prices persuade you that you won’t get the quality dental care that you deserve. At Sanoviv Dental striving for the best at everything we do is our number-one priority. We do this through utmost attention to detail, top quality equipment, and certified, highly trained professionals that have a well-earned reputation in their fields. Honesty, quality and excellence are our driving values. And we back it up with our quality guarantee.

Transportation Services

For your convenience, we offer transportation services from the US to Sanoviv, and back again. This is a free service to and from the border for our treating patients. If you are driving, we’ll make your trip pleasant with easy-to-read instructions and a medical pass for when you head back to the US, which will allow you to take the fastest lane and avoid longer waits. We can also pick you up in several San Diego locations for a modest fee.

Education and Lifestyle Changes

While you receive your dental treatments, you’ll also learn how to achieve and maintain your oral health incorporating the best practices and information into your lifestyle. You’ll also enjoy classes on nutrition, detoxification, stress relief, and more. This is not just a visit to the dentist, but an affordable life experience for your overall health.

Happy Patients

Our guests are a living testimonial of the Sanoviv experience. Many of our guests make the trip to Sanoviv because a friend or family member recommended our healing facility. Referrals, or word of mouth, are the number one way people find us. In fact, in any given year, about 50% of our guests are repeat visitors. We hope these comments from our past guests will help you to get a feel for the kind of experience they have had.

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