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Dentures in Tijuana

Dentures in Tijuana Mexico

Dentures are one of the oldest forms of dental restorations known to human kind. While technologies have changed drastically in many ways over the years, the basic concept has remained the same.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are devices worn in the mouth to replace several, or all, of your upper or lower teeth. They sit over the gum where the teeth used to be and are used as replacements for those teeth. The base of the denture is designed to look like your gum, and the fake teeth are built into this base to resemble teeth rising out of a gum like real teeth do.

Dentures that replace part of a row of teeth are known as “partial” dentures, and dentures that replace a whole row are known as “full” dentures.

Upper and lower dentures are designed slightly differently. Upper dentures are more stable than lower dentures because they have an arch that goes across the roof of the mouth to provide extra support. Because such an arch would interfere with the tongue on the lower dentures, they can only sit over the bare gum.

There are many different materials involved in making dentures. Which materials are used can depend on the price of the dentures themselves. The base of the dentures, for example, can either by acrylic or acrylic-coated metal. The latter offers more stability to wearers, but does cost more.

What’s the Process For Getting Dentures?

Getting dentures is a multi-step process.

The first thing that needs to happen is for the necessary teeth to be extracted. This is either done long before you get dentures, or as part of your denture process.

Impressions are made of the gum so an accurate copy can be made to base the denture on. It’s important to ensure the dentures fit snugly over the gum for maximum support and stability. Because of this, there can be a gap of 3-4 months between the teeth being extracted and the denture being placed. The gum and jawbone change shape when there are no teeth to support them, so it’s often best to wait until they’ve “settled” before making the denture.

Some patients are eligible for “instant dentures” which can be placed on the gums the same day the teeth are extracted. These will need to be re-lined to match the changing gum after several months, and so are often just used as temporary dentures.

Once the gums have settled and the accurate casts are made, the final denture will be fabricated in a lab. Your dentist will fit this into your mouth to ensure it sits securely. After they’re satisfied the denture is lined correctly, you’ll have your new dentures ready to use.

If you’re missing a lot of teeth, or are worried you may need to get teeth extracted and replaced, talk to our team today about whether dentures are right for you.

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