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Teeth Whitening in Tijuana

Teeth Whitening in Mexico

Teeth whitening is perhaps the most common form of cosmetic dentistry, and one of the most common treatments patients actively seek out. We’re surrounded by images in magazines, online, and on the screen of celebrities with bright, pearly white teeth. We grow up thinking that discolored teeth is a sign of poor dental hygiene. It’s not hard to see why whitening is so popular!

Here are some things you should know about teeth whitening:

Teeth whitening works by removing staining particles from the enamel of your teeth. There are many ways this can be achieved, although generally it’s through some sort of bleaching. If your teeth are black or darkly stained due to infection or disease, whitening won’t treat the underlying issue. It will only improve the look of the teeth.

Types of Whitening

There are many ways teeth can be whitened. These methods fall into two broad categories: in-office whitening and at-home whitening.

In-Office Whitening
In-office whitening is when you get your teeth whitened in the dental clinic. This gives the best and fastest results, and stronger concentrations of cleaning agent can be used as you’re under professional supervision.

Types of in-office teeth whitening include:

• Zoom! teeth whitening: A special gel is placed over the teeth and activated with a special pulse light.
• Laser teeth whitening: A paste is applied to each tooth which is then activated with a laser set to specific wavelengths.
• Bleaching: Custom bleaching trays are fit over the teeth to bleach the enamel white.

In-chair whitening typically takes 1-2 hours and can brighten your teeth by 5-8 shades, depending on the system used and the strength of the whitening agent.

At-Home Whitening
At-home whitening kits use a bleaching agent that’s applied to a tray that you bite down on for a few minutes every other day. Through constant use, the teeth are gradually whitened.

At-home whitening kits can whiten you teeth the same amount as in-chair whitening, but over a longer period of time. The advantage is that you can whiten your teeth at your own convenience in your own time.

Almost all at-home whitening kits involve bleaching gels. Some take-home kits involve special whitening lights that are like portable versions of Zoom! whitening.

Results Depend on the Person

When you get your teeth whitened, you’ll always be told a range of shades brighter that your teeth will turn — such as 5-8, as mentioned above. The reason for this is that whitening treatments will be more or less effective for some individuals.

Think of it like tanning: if you go outside in the sun for an hour or two, you will definitely end up more tanned than before. How much more tanned, however, changes from person to person. Some people tan easily, others don’t. It’s the same with teeth whitening.

If you’re interested in brightening your teeth, contact our friendly team today!

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